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  • Трек: What Are You Doing With A Fool Like Me (Live)
  • Исполнитель (артист): Joe Cocker
  • Длительность 4:50
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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Видео клип "Joe Cocker - What Are You Doing With A Fool Like Me (Live)"

  • 3:24
    Kate Miller-Heidke
    Are You F*cking Kidding Me (Live)
  • 4:04
    Third Day
    You Are So Good To Me (Live in Atlanta, GA)
  • 5:35
    T'Angelo & Jay-Rome
    You to Me Are Everything / You've Got the Best of My Love (Live)
  • 8:20
    Nevio Passaro
    You Are the Other Me (Berlino Reloaded Live Version)
  • 3:23
    How Are You Gonna Live Without Me
  • 8:18
    Are You Kidding Me (Live)
  • 4:16
    Maddi Jane - Jar of Hearts
    I know I can’t take one more step towards you Cause all that’s waiting is regret And don’t you know I’m not your ghost anymore You lost the love I loved the most I learned to live half alive And now you want me one more time And who do you think you are
  • 3:56
    Are You With Me Now (Live at RGG)
  • 5:17
    Vanilla Sky
    i won't give up,just to make you smile i break all my dreams just to feel,you are carry,i just want you wait for me,to live my all life
  • 4:05
    I Miss You...I know if you could hear me you would Say there are always two sides of a story You're so right, here's mine I cannot live without you...
  • 3:04
    Кавер на Queen
    you make me live (you are my best friend)
  • 2:35
    Rape Me [Come As You Are (Live In Seattle, USA)]
  • 3:42
    You And Me (Nissan Live Sets On Yahoo!) @Who We Are (Deluxe Edition)
  • 3:17
    The unknown executor
    The sun, I love you very strongly... To me so it is bad when you are not present nearby... Without you I do not have sense to live... That that only you in my opinion recover all it is the world... Where you were I always with you... Know that I LOVE YOU.
  • 4:36
    Bring Me The Horizon
    who wants flowers when you are dead?nobody(Live)
  • 4:21
    April Divine
    When you are going down I follow you. You drag me down with you I’m trying...to care, to lie, to leave my life for a lullaby. That you have made for me to sing/live.
  • 11:04
    metabolik junkey pypers
    brainjam / tell me in a sentence who you are (live in Tsokol)
  • 6:23
    if you don’t wanna stay U can goo but since love don’t live here no more the angels are flying so low, singing to U (don’t U hear me callin U) he’s the one U love (cause i hear them callin me) and he’s the one U trust (now that time is almost through) tim
  • 5:41
    Seacoast Worship - Live (2015)
    You Are With Me
  • 2:40
    I am you, You are Me (Live Acoustic)
  • 3:50
    Lost Frequencies, Nom De Strip
    Are You With Me (Dash Berlin Remix) vs The Game(Dash Berlin – Live @ Ultra Music Festival Miami 2016 )
  • 2:50
    I want to die, no longer live, you are very short of ryadom.Izvini me for everything. I'm sorry if to remind you about myself, I know that you no longer wish to vozratitsya etomu.Ya you do not give that you would love me and deserve your attention.
  • 2:43
    Joe Cocker
    You are so beautiful to me (Live at Montreux 1987)
  • 3:51
    Take Me Twice
    What Are You Doing Now, Jail (Live In Manhattan)
  • 5:26
    Lost frequencies
    are you with me/reality (live)
  • 5:12
    P.Diddy ft Notorious B.I.G. & Dirty Money
    Angels... if you don't wanna stay you can goo but since love don't live here no more the angels are flying so low, singing to you (don't you hear me callin you) he's the one you love (cause i hear them callin me) and he's the one you t
  • 3:49
    Kari Jobe
    You Are For Me (Live)
  • 3:16
    Broken Bike
    Why You Only Call Me When You Are High? (Live at Monaclub 23/03/2014) (Song by Arctic Monkeys)
  • 6:37
    Gateway Worship, Kari Jobe
    You Are for Me (Live)
  • 3:49
    You are telling me a true (Live) студия " Пол Бенд"
  • 3:43
    Dj Anton
    KALINA BAR LIVE: Are You With Me (Gianni Costa Mix)
  • 4:09
    decyfer down
    Like shooting stars how brief we are And I wish this moment could last forever Here with You I am made new I want to live like every breath matters You are not so far away, just hear me when I say I want to love what You love, I want to see what You see
  • 4:01
    Andrew Marcus
    You Are With Me (Live)
  • 4:29
    Nico: I want to party I want to samba I want to party I want to samba I want to party And live my life (live my life) I want to party (party) And fly I'm a fly, fly just like a bird (But you are a bird!) Oh yeah, you're right, So let me fly
    Nico: I want to party I want to samba I want to party I want to samba I want to party And live my life (live my life) I want to party (party) And fly I'm a fly, fly just like a bird (But you are a bird!) Oh yeah, you're right, So let me fly
  • 2:35
    Elvis Presley "Are you lonesome tonight ?"
    A very special version from august 26, 1969. Elvis sings "Are you lonesome tonight?" live at the International Hotel in Las Vegas. In that evening he decided to change the text from the song "Do you gaze at your doorstep and picture me th
  • 4:36
    Maybe I will never be All the things that I wanna be But now is not the time to cry Nowґs the time to find out why I think youґre the same as me We see things they’ll never see You and I are gonna live forever
  • 6:33
    Kari Jobe
    You Are for Me [Live]
  • 3:03
    Are You Done With Me (Acoustic) - Live at 3fm GIEL
  • 4:32
    The Nighthawks & Gregg Allman
    Are You Lonely For Me Baby? (Live 1978-05-08)
  • 64:26
    Nazareth – The Fool Circle Label: Back On Black – RCV120LP, Rock Classics (2) – RCV120LP Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Coloured, 180gr Country: UK Released: 2014 Genre: Rock Style: Hard Rock
    A1 Dressed To Kill A2 Another Year A3 Moonlight Eyes A4 Pop The Silo A5 Let Me Be Your Leader B1 We Are The People B2 Every Young Man's Dream B3 Little Part Of You B4 Cocaine (Live Version) B5 Victoria C1 Morgantau C2 Crazy (A Suitable Case
  • 3:01
    London Grammar
    Darling Are You Gonna Leave Me (Live Montreux Jazz Festival 2014)
  • 2:58
    Dum Tek Tek [Baby you're perfect for me You are my gift from heaven This is the greatest story of all times We met in like in a movie So meant to last forever And what you're doing to me Feels so fine Angel I wake up And live my dreams
  • 2:49
    you make me live (you are my best friend)
  • 2:41
    Joe Cocker
    You Are So Beautiful To Me (Live at Montreux)
  • 3:47
    Glen Medeiros
    If I had to live my life without you near me The days would all be empty The nights would seem so long With you I see forever oh so clearly I might have been in love before But it never felt this strong Our dreams are young And we both know they'll
  • 4:38
    The words have been drained from this pensil Sweet words that I want to give you...Lady, marry me, promiss you'll stay with me Oh, you don't have to ask me, you know you are that I live for You
  • 3:00
    Vyel Guitar
    Are You With Me (Beatbox Live Loop Cover)
  • 5:08
    I Wonder Why (Are You So Mean To Me) (live) (bonus)
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